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Welcome to the New Mexico Music Commission.

The New Mexico Music Commission (NMMC) consists of a cross-section of New Mexico citizens representing all facets of our state’s unique and diverse music industry. As is befitting of New Mexico, the commission embraces and reflects all musical genres gracing our state’s multicultural tableau.

You can read our statute and bylaws by clicking these links.


2005 The New Mexico Music Commission was created by Executive Order of Governor Bill Richardson. Richardson appointed Lee Berk chair, Nancy Laflin executive director, and appropriated a commission budget of approximately $175,000, which included Ms. Laflin’s salary and benefits package. The executive order administratively attached the Commission to New Mexico Arts, the State Arts agency, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

2009 The commission was codified into state law by the New Mexico legislature under a bill introduced by Albuquerque Representative Al Park, after passing unanimously in both the House and Senate. Known as the Music Commission Act (Sections 18-16-1 through 18-16-4 NMSA 1978, being Laws 2009, Chapter 13, Sections 1 through 4). A partner bill to procure a permanent budget and executive director position for the commission was not initiated.

2012 The commission’s budget and executive director position expired at the end of Governor Richardson’s term. The New Mexico Music Commission Foundation was created by commission chair Lee Berk and David Schwartz (the foundation’s inaugural president) to garner private sector support for commission initiatives in an effort to offset the loss of state funding.

2014 The Legislature allocated funding for a part-time music commission administrator.

2020 Governor Lujan Grisham appointed 12 new commissioners, reappointed 1 commissioner, and appointed Carlos Medina as commission chair.

2021 Governor Lujan Grisham appointed the commission’s 15th commissioner, marking the first time in over a decade the music commission is fully seated.


  • 2003-2011 Bill Richardson
  • 2011-2019 Susana Martinez
  • 2019-present Michelle Lujan Grisham

Commission Chair

  • 2005-2013 Lee Berk appointed by Governor Richardson
  • 2013-2016 David Schwartz appointed by Governor Martinez
  • 2016-2017 Dan Stoddard Vice Chair / Acting Chair elected by commissioners
  • 2017-2020 Melissa Sanchez Vice Chair / Acting Chair elected by commissioners
  • 2020-present Carlos Medina appointed by Governor Lujan Grisham

Commission Staff

  • 2005-2011 Nancy Laflin Executive Director
  • 2015-2022 Thomas Goodrich Administrator (part-time)
  • 2023-present Katherine Bruell (part-time)


To protect, promote, and preserve the musical traditions of New Mexico, to foster appreciation of the value of music, and to encourage the educational, creative and professional musical activities of the residents of New Mexico.

Public Meetings

Meeting commence every January, April, July, and October on the second Tuesday of the month from 1-3pm mountain time by Zoom. They are open to the public and admission is free. To receive the Zoom link for a meeting, please contact Katherine Bruell at katherine.bruell@dca.nm.gov or 505-487-0519.

2023 Meeting Dates

31 January    11 April    11 July    10 October

2022 Meeting Dates

11 January     12 April     12 July     11 October

Meeting Agendas

2023     January    April    July     October

2022     January     April     July     October

2021     January     April     July     October

2020     February(1)     May(2)     August(2)     November

2019     February     April     June(1)     August     November(1)

2018     February     April     June     August     November

2017     January     March     May      July     November

2016     January     March     May     July     September     November

2015     January     March     May     July     September     November

Meeting Minutes

2023     January    April    July     October (1)

2022     January     April     July     October

2021     January     April     July     October

2020     February(1)     May(2)     August(2)     November

2019     February(1)     April(1)     June(1)     August(1)     November(1)

2018     February     April     June     August     November(1)

2017     January     March(1)     May     July     November

2016     January     March(1)     May     July     September(1)     November

2015     January(1)     March     May     July     September(1)     November

(1) A quorum of commissioners was not achieved.

(2) Cancelled due to COVID-19 health orders.