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Regular Meeting 11 January 2022

State of New Mexico
Music Commission
Regular Meeting

11 January 2022
via Zoom


I. Call to order : Chair Medina

II. Roll Call and Introductions : Abeyta

III. Consider approving the agenda : Medina, Abeyta ACTION by roll call vote

IV. Consider approving 12 October 2021 minutes : Medina, Abeyta ACTION by roll call vote

V. Administrative reports

A. Department of Cultural Affairs : Jane Egan, Special Assistant to Secretary Garcia y Griego

B. New Mexico Arts : Michelle Laflamme-Childs, NMA Executive Director

C. New Mexico Arts Commission : Nancy Cooper, NMAC Chair

D. New Mexico Music Commission : Carlos Medina, NMMC Chair

VI. Request for approval of 2022 Open Meetings Resolution : Chris Moander, Asst. Attorney General

VII. Committee reports

A.  Development : Frouge

B.  Education : Seifert

C.  Production : Abeyta

VIII. Rural County Outreach reports

A. Commissioner Abeyta : Mora | San Juan

B. Commissioner Anderson : Hildago | Rio Arriba

C. Commissioner Diaz : Harding | Luna

D. Commissioner Frouge : Colfax | Taos

E. Commissioner Langerman : Sierra | Socorro

F. Commissioner Lee : DeBaca | Union

G. Commissioner McCarroll : Eddy | Los Alamos

H. Commissioner Medina : San Miguel | Quay

I. Commissioner Nava : Cibola | Guadalupe

J. Commissioner Ponce : Chaves | Lea

K. Commissioner Rogers : Doña Ana | Otero

L. Commissioner Seifert : Curry | Roosevelt

M. Commissioner Swapp : Catron | Grant

N. Commissioner Whitney : Torrance

O. Commissioner Zenobia : Valencia (Lincoln | McKinley)

IX. COVID-19 Vaccination PSA reports : Medina

X. Nomination and election of secretary and vice chair : Medina, Abeyta ACTION by roll call vote

A. Secretary

B. Vice Chair

XI. Appointment of committee chairs : Medina

A. Development

B. Education

C. Production

D. Strategic Planning

XII. Appointment of two members-at-large to the Executive Committee : Medina

A. Member-at-large

B. Member-at-large

XIII. Foundation update : David Schwartz, President New Mexico Music Commission Foundation

XIV. Adjournment : Medina

*     *     *

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