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Development Committee


Article VIII of the New Mexico Music Commission’s bylaws and rules of procedure, as provided by 2011 NMSA 1978 18-16-1 through 18-16-4 The Music Commission Act, dictates the formation of committees from time to time, as it deems appropriate.


The Development Committee shall assume responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Immediate Funding Procurement : Procure funding for commission programming and projects; funding strategies may include, but are not limited to, applying for grants, seeking sponsors, donors, and major gifts, establishing a friends group, sponsoring fundraisers, crowdsourcing, social media campaigns, partnering with 501c3 organizations, businesses in the private sector, and/or the NMMC Foundation.
  • 501c3 Partnerships : Research potential 501c3 arts organizations that could serve as the music commission’s development partner; investigate fees, regional/statewide reach, administrative services offered, etc.; submit a short list of organizations to the Executive Committee for review. Evaluate the NM Music Commission Foundation as an effective development resource for the Commission; submit a review to the Executive Committee.
  • Networking : The Chair of the Development Committee shall become of a member of Americans for the Arts and serve as the Music Commission liaison to that organization.
  • Additional Duties : that may arise throughout the course of Commission business and/or may be requested by the Chair.


Officer Responsibilities


The Development Committee meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 2:30pm by Zoom.


  • When Is Good simplifies scheduling meetings
  • Padlet assists with brainstorming and information gathering


The Committee Chair and Secretary shall:

  • Create an Agenda for each committee meeting
  • Record Meeting Notes at each committee meeting
  • Deliver monthly Status Updates to the Executive Committee
  • Deliver quarterly Executive Summary reports at each public Commission meeting
  • Submit the above items to Administrator Goodrich in a timely manner, to be archived at the bottom of this page

Reporting Templates

Meeting Agendas

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Meeting Notes

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Status Updates

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Executive Summaries

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Key Documents

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