Rural County Outreach

Music Commissioners have adopted counties in New Mexico and will serve as the Music Commission Liaison to their respective counties. Commissioners will provide two gratis service projects in each rural county during the 2021 calendar year.


Commissioners shall for their adopted counties:

  • Research the local music industry.
  • Compile a list of key music industry stakeholders in each county. Stakeholders may include, but are not limited to: elected officials, school districts, colleges, school and private music teachers, programs, stores, recording studios, producers, 501c3s, venues, bands, festivals, local iconic music history/legends, etc. Demographics such as racial, ethnic, cultural, religious identification, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, geographic location, socioeconomic circumstances, music genre, role in music industry shall be considered in order to provide fair representation within each county. Local government officials, public school district(s), and 501c3 arts organization(s) receiving funding through the New Mexico Arts Grants program are suggested as ideal initial contacts.
  • Build professional relationships with key stakeholders in each county on behalf of the Music Commission.
  • Monitor the county music scene and report major events to the Music Commission so that they may be promoted on the commission’s social media.
  • Join local mailing lists, groups on social media, etc.
  • Represent the New Music Commission, New Mexico Arts, the Department of Cultural Affairs, on behalf of the Governor.
  • Facilitate at least one Student Musician Spotlight nomination in each county.
  • Present two service projects in each county (see Service Projects below).


All Rural County Outreach service projects are free.

COVID-19 Considerations

Service projects, including all research, planning, and communication, shall be conducted remotely/virtually (e.g., email, phone, social media, Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet etc.) due to COVID-19 health orders.

Service Projects


Music Commissioners’ shall work with key music industry stakeholder(s) in each county to identify two music-related service projects which will fill a deficit(s) in the county’s music industry created by the COVID-19 shut down. Service projects shall compliment each commissioner’s unique skill set, expertise, and experience and be delivered virtually during the 2021 calendar year.


Here are a few suggested examples of service projects commissioners might deliver:

  • Present a master class, clinic, sectional to students at a local school, college, or university
  • Instruct a workshop, clinic in partnership with a local 501c3 arts organization
  • Deliver a performance assembly for a local elementary school
  • Emcee/Narrate a community virtual event or PSA
  • Perform/speak on a local radio, television, podcast program
  • Host an online fundraiser with proceeds benefiting a county-based music organization
  • Produce an online performance in partnership with a local music organization, band, school ensemble
  • Sponsor a competition and perform with/feature the winner on social media
  • Sponsor a competition and deliver free private lessons to the winner
  • Co-write a song with a local songwriter/band
  • Perform with a local band
  • Produce a music video of a local musician, band, school ensemble
  • Sponsor a fundraiser for a local music organization.

All service projects shall be delivered remotely/virtually due to COVID-19 health orders.


  • Propose : Each commissioner shall work with key county-based music industry stakeholder(s) to identify and tailor a service project which will fill an area of need caused by the COVID-19 shut down. Commissioners shall email Music Commission Chair Medina and Administrator Goodrich a brief proposal of the service they intend to provide and include the audience the project will reach and the delivery date. This is necessary to verify all service projects are within State statutes and protocols.
  • Deliver : Each commissioner shall deliver two gratis music-related service projects in each of their adopted rural counties during the 2021 calendar year. All service projects shall take place remotely/virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Record : All service projects shall be visually documented and will be featured on the Music Commission’s Facebook page and/or the NMMC website. Visual documentation options are: 1. livestream on Facebook, 2. record to the Zoom Cloud, upload to YouTube, share the YouTube link on Facebook, 3. take pictures/screenshots, share on Facebook.
  • Report : Commissioners’ shall provide a short report of each service to the Music Commission’s Executive Committee. The report shall include the event date, time, location, target audience, approximate number of participants, local organization involved, name(s) of key stakeholder(s) involved, and a basic summary of the service.

Media Release

Anyone appearing on camera in a Music Commission rural county service project shall sign a media release {coming soon}.

The release shall be submitted to the rural county liaison (see below) prior to the event. E-Signatures and copies are permitted.

Participants who do not submit a signed media release may still participate in the service project off camera.

Participants under 18 years of age

Underage participants must obtain a signature from their parent/guardian. Media release forms on file with a local public school district, principal’s office and/or music director shall suffice in lieu of the above media release. Commissioners must verify forms are on file with the service project host district, school, or music teacher prior to the event.

Rural County Liasion

{county : commissioner, service project, delivery date}

Catron : Neil Swapp, Reserve Elementary School general music presentation; Quemado Elementary School general music presentation

Chaves : Jose Ponce

Cibola : D’Santi Nava

Colfax : Tom Frouge, video educational outreach on New Mexico History through Traditional New Mexican Music with State Historian and NM musician Rob Martinez

Curry : Dustin Seifert

De Baca : Derrick Lee

Doña Ana : Jennifer Rogers

Eddy : Busy McCarroll

Grant : Neil Swapp ~ Silver High School brass masterclass, March 2021

Guadalupe : D’Santi Nava

Harding : Carlos Medina, virtual performance by the Carlos Medina trio

Hidalgo : Jir Anderson

Lea : Jose Ponce

Lincoln : Zenobia

Los Alamos : Busy McCarroll

Luna : Buddy Abeyta

McKinley : Zenobia

Mora : Buddy Abeyta

Otero : Jennifer Rogers

Quay : Carlos Medina, Carlos Medina trio performance

Rio Arriba : Jir Anderson

Roosevelt : Dustin Seifert

San Juan : Buddy Abeyta

San Miguel : Carlos Medina, Carlos Medina trio performance

Sierra : Keith Langerman

Socorro : Keith Langerman

Taos : Tom Frouge, video educational outreach on New Mexico History through Traditional New Mexican Music with State Historian and NM musician Rob Martinez

Torrance : Tracey Whitney

Union : Derrick Lee

Valencia : Zenobia

30 of New Mexico’s 33 counties are represented in the initiative. The Albuquerque-Santa Fe urban corridor counties of Bernalillo, Santa Fe, and Sandoval are not included. Instead, the Music Commission’s Production Committee shall produce Art2Art events in those three counties.

This document was used to organize the county adoption process: Rural County Outreach.