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Article VII of the New Mexico Music Commission’s bylaws and rules of procedure, as provided by 2011 NMSA 1978 18-16-1 through 18-16-4 The Music Commission Act, dictates the formation of an executive committee. The bylaws state:

The Commission shall have an Executive Committee consisting of five Commissioners, whose members shall be assigned by the Chair for a term of one year.

  1. If any assigned member of the Executive Committee is unable to attend a meeting of that committee, the Commission Chair may appoint another Commissioner to serve for that meeting.
  2. The Commission Chair shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee.
  3. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the Chair with fourteen (14) days written notice of the meeting to all Executive Committee members and to all Commissioners.
  4. The Executive Committee shall regularly exercise responsibility for budget oversight, long-range planning, and initial review of all applications for funding and shall make recommendations in these areas to the Commission and the Executive Director.
  5. Minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee shall be distributed to all Commissioners prior to the next Commission meeting.


As per the bylaws, the Executive Committee shall regularly exercise responsibility for:

  • budget oversight
  • long-range planning
  • initial review of all applications for funding
  • recommendations in these areas to the Commission and the Executive Director.

In addition, the Executive Committee shall regularly exercise responsibilities, including but not limited to:

Strategic Planning

  • Review the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan and the process used to develop the plan.
  • Evaluate goals and objectives proposals submitted by committees.
  • Draft the strategic plan’s introduction and executive summary.
  • Facilitate discussion with the public on input of draft plan.
  • Discuss/negotiate points of plan with NMA/DCA Executive and/or AGO based on their feedback, if necessary.
  • Finalize strategic plan and submit to commission for vote/approval.

Strategic Plan Deadlines

All deadlines are the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Executive committee-specific deadlines are indicated in boldface.

  • 9 March : Committees submit goals and objectives proposal to Executive committee
  • 13 April : Commissioners vote to approve goals and objectives
  • 11 May : Executive committee drafts strategic plan introduction and executive summary
  • 15 June : NMA/DCA Executive and Attorney General’s Office give input on draft strategic plan
  • 13 July : Public invited to give input on draft strategic plan
  • 10 August : Executive Committee finalizes draft and sends to committees for review
  • 14 September : Committees submit final edits to Executive Committee
  • 12 October : Commissioners vote to adopt new strategic plan – plan goes live 1 January 2022


In Secretary Garcia y Griego’s response to the commission’s COVID-19 considerations letter, she and has expressed interest in the following items (the Secretary’s comments are included below for context):

  • Venue Certification and Monitoring Plan : The idea of developing a certification and monitoring plan for venues akin to the restaurant industry is strong. I will incorporate that idea into my ongoing dialog with NM Economic Recovery Council staff and council members.
  • Recording Kits or Virtual Content Production Assistance : Providing “recording kits” or virtual content production assistance is an excellent idea, particularly as it is clear the pandemic will have lasting impacts on live music venues. Through NM Arts Executive Director, Michelle Laflamme-Childs, I will request that an exploratory meeting be scheduled with appropriate staff of the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Perhaps, with their space, resources, and personnel, a pilot initiative akin to this recommendation could be developed.
  • Online Resource Information Center : I will also ask Director Laflamme-Childs and Thomas Goodrich to reach out to DCA’s information technology team to begin to outline what type of online resource information center could be set up within existing resources.
  • New Mexico True-like Campaign for the Music Industry : The possibility of a New Mexico True-like campaign for the music industry.The Tourism Department has many assets that our department lacks, making a partnership with them a potential route.

In addition, New Mexico Arts is asking for specific guidance from the commission on 2 of the Secretary’s items:

  1. Recording Kits or Virtual Content Production Assistance  : provide a list of equipment, instructions, resources, etc. that would comprise the ideal kit and provide suggestions about how virtual assistance might be provided.
  2. Online Resource Information Center : provide a list of ideas, resources, etc. that would comprise the ideal online resource center and a vision of how it might look virtually.

The Development, Education, and Production committees are charged with fleshing out the above items and submitting suggestions to the Executive Committee no later than 1 March 2021. The Executive committee will shape the information into a cohesive response to Secretary Garcia y Griego on behalf of the commission.


  • Serve on 1 ad interim committee in addition to the executive committee
  • Govern and oversee ad interim committees, which includes the authority to attend meetings of any ad interim committee for which they are not a member


Represent the music commission in meetings and negotiations with New Mexico Arts (NMA), the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), DCA’s General Counsel, the Attorney General’s Office, other state agencies, boards, and commissions, and/or private sector organizations including the Music Commission Foundation, as requested


Deliver quarterly Executive Summary committee reports at each regular commission meeting and send PDF of summary to NMA Executive Director

Other Duties

Other duties that may arise throughout the course of Commission business and/or may be requested by the Chair


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Executive Committee