Music Commission Orientation


On behalf of Governor Lujan Grisham, the Department of Cultural Affairs, and New Mexico Arts, congratulations on your appointment to the New Mexico Music Commission! We’re elated the Governor has selected you to represent our state’s unique and diverse music industry as a Music Commissioner. Thank you for choosing to serve our beloved music community. We welcome you and look forward to working with you.


Your Music Commission orientation consists of 9 chapters:

  • 1 defines syntax and formatting of the orientation materials, identifies how definitions, key documents, and tasks are presented, and outlines approximate time of completion and due date.
  • 2-4 will help you prepare for your first commission meeting.
  • 5-7 deliver a chronological history of the commission organized by Gubernatorial administration, from the year the commission was established in 2005 to the present. These chapters detail key governing documents, personnel, strategy, events, projects, and milestones.
  • 8 provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and verify you have completed the orientation.
  • 9 contains a list of key documents, web pages, and social media cited throughout the orientation, for your future reference.
Web Site

Due to COVID health restrictions, your orientation will take place digitally through the Commission’s web site. The document you’re currently reading examples the site’s design, formatting, and menu options. The site also serves as the commission’s document archive and the materials comprising your orientation are housed here.

The visual design (i.e., formatting, fonts, graphics, etc.) of your orientation materials will alternate between this web page design and Microsoft Word documents saved to portable document format (pdf). Several external web sites, social media, and email links are also included in the orientation, as well as a few hard copy documents which were scanned to pdf (the quality of those will be a bit grainy). Essentially, your orientation consists of a collection of disparate web pages and pdf files anchored to this web page using hyperlinks.


All hyperlinks (a.k.a. links) in this orientation are programmed to jump to either a pdf or a web page containing pertinent information related to the topic being addressed. Linked information is sometimes considered optional supplementary material. That is not the case here; linked information is equally as important as the content directly presented. Because of this, please take the time to activate each link and review its contents while you work through the orientation.

How to activate links:

  1. Move your cursor over the blue linked text or phrase; the cursor arrow will change to a small hand pointing at the link.
  2. Click the link; a new pdf or web page will appear.
  3. Review the information in the linked pdf or web page.
  4. Click the back button in your browser’s address bar to return to the previous material.

All hyperlinks in this orientation will be a blue word or phrase followed by a descriptor indicating whether the link is a {pdf – # of pages} or {web page}.

Link examples:

Reading and Printing Orientation Materials

The best way to read the orientation is online through a web browser (such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) using a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet. A smart phone is not recommended. Downloading is not recommended. Consider bookmarking this page for easy access.

As a general rule, when documents containing links are printed, access to the linked information is lost. What this means is, should you choose to print a document containing links, you also need to print all documents linked to it. Keep in mind this could total hundreds of pages. A few orientation documents, however, contain no links and may be easily printed should you choose to do so (for example, the 2021 NMMC meeting calendar {pdf-1} linked to page 3 of Chapter 4 | Open Meetings contains no links).


Please read the chapters in order they are listed.

1 | Preface {pdf-2}

2 | Contact Information & Social Media {pdf-1}

3 | Officers and Committees {pdf-3}

4 | Open Meetings {pdf-5}

5 | Richardson Administration {pdf-6}

6 | Martinez Administration {pdf-10}

7 | Lujan Grisham Administration {pdf-6}

8 | Email Q&A and Acknowledgment {pdf-1}

9 | Key Documents {web}