2020 – Albuquerque – Shawn Brooks

Songs About New Mexico: Albuquerque

written by Shawn Brooks Keihne and Daniel Solis, performed by Shawn Brooks

New Mexico-based Shawn Brooks Kiehne has enjoyed singing for more than two decades. He’s embarked on an unusual career path, becoming “El Gringo,” the first (and perhaps only) Anglo to perform genuine norteño/banda music. Brooks wrote Albuquerque with songwriting partner, Daniel Solis, in 2020. El Gringo’s albums are available via digital delivery systems like iTunes and Amazon, and samples of his work can be heard at MySpace.



1991 – Portales – Ray Wylie Hubbard

Songs About New Mexico: Portales

written and performed by Ray Wylie Hubbard (1991)

Portales is track number seven on Hubbard’s album Lost Train of Thought released 1991. Hubbard is a legendary Texas singer/songwriter, born in Oklahoma, whose tough but literate music ranges from personal introspection to rowdy barroom anthems. In his younger years, Hubbard spent the summers in Red River playing folk music in a trio known as Three Faces West.

This song was submitted to the Songs About New Mexico list by Ryan Kaczmarek from Chicago and currently stationed at Fort Bliss in Texas. Ryan shared, “For some reason that I cannot pinpoint, I am very fond of New Mexico. It really is the Land Of Enchantment. I have yet to find another state like yours and I have been to 35 so far.”


North of Portales above the Cap Rock Plain
Just looking out a window wishing for rain
I found her sleeping in a haystack
I left her dreaming and I’ve never been back

You’re still hand woven love song sadness
It’s all I’ll ever sing for you
Morning love sighs madness
It’s all I’ll ever bring to you

She was the woman she was 25
Nice to look at so glad to be alive
She was in love it no good I could not see
When she said her prayers she said one for me

You’re still hand woven love song sadness.

There was times in the winter when I would burn coal
I was tired afraid of growing old
Then she gived to me this old ring that was cast in sand
She says I know you’re leaving love me while you can

Just give hand woven love song sadness.

Writer: Ray Wylie Hubbard
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1975 – Clovis, New Mexico ~ Hank Williams, Jr.

Songs About New Mexico: Clovis, New Mexico

written and performed by Hank Williams, Jr. (1975)

Hank Williams Jr. tells the story of his 700-mile Southwestern odyssey in a 1975 song called “Clovis New Mexico.” Williams recounts how he and his bronc-riding pal, Billy, head out on a very-low-budget adventure that takes them from Bossier City, La., to Abilene, Tex., and finally to Clovis, N.M., where Williams is smitten by a black-haired beauty with green eyes — who just happens to be the local purveyor of silver and turquoise jewelry.

Clovis, New Mexico is the 6th song on the album “Hank Williams Jr. & Friends” which is Hank’s twenty-sixth studio album. It’s Williams’ breakthrough album featuring a transition toward country rock and Williams’ own unique style. The album was issued by MGM Records as number M3G5009 and was later reissued by Polydor Record as number 831 575-4 Y-1. The album was also reissued on CD in 2000 by Mercury Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Well me and Billy, we left Boulder City
Decided that we’d head out west
We’ve been east and south but it didn’t workout
We were getting’ nowhere fast
Me with my guitar and him with his saddle
Tryin’ to out do the rest
I sang my heart out and he rides them broncs now
And that’s what me and Billy do best
We took ‘Interstate 20′ ’til we ran out of money
In a place just past Abilene
So I sang at a honky-tonk and he broke the bad bronc
And we bought some gas and some beans
With a whole lot of luck and an old pickup truck
We made it to New Mexico
We pulled up in Clovis and I sure didn’t know this
Was as far as I ever would go
I needed some strings, Billy wanted a ring
The kind that the Indians made
A voice said, ? Hello boys, I’ve got silver and turquoise
And that’s when I saw her face?
That’s when I noticed that girl down in Clovis
A black haired beauty, she set a fire to me
A green eyed lady in old jeans that were faded
No, I didn’t notice what happened in Clovis but I called her baby
I asked her with care if she’d like to share
An evening with someone like I
I said, ? I ain’t a winner just a hard livin’ singer?
She smiled and said, ? Meet me at nine?
We ate tacos and talked and then we took a walk
In the clean southwestern air
Then we went back to her house, I took my guitar out
And sang of my joy and despair
She served me her wine and she helped me write lines
To songs I could not complete
And her eyes seemed to say, put that guitar away
That’s somethin’ that both of us need
What a beautiful site was her face in the light
And the candles there on the wall
And we reached the height of good love on that night
And I hope we never will fall
And I’m glad I noticed that girl down in Clovis
Daughter of a driller, she’s a born thriller
A green eyed lady, kinda wild, kinda lazy
I didn’t notice what happened in Clovis but I called her baby, baby

1975 ~ Hank Williams, Jr.

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1964 – New Mexico – Johnny Cash

Songs About New Mexico: New Mexico

written by Johnny Johnson & Leon Lambson, performed by Johnny Cash (1964)

The song is the 9th track on the folk country album The Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash (1964). It also appears on the compilation album Bootleg Vol II From Memphis to Hollywood (2011).

Thank you to Steve Terrell of Santa Fe for submitting this song to our list.


It was in the town of Griffin, the year was eighty three
It was there an old cow puncher, stepped up and said to me
How do you do young fellow and how would you like to go
And spend a pleasant summer, out in New Mexico

I’ll furnish you good wages, your transportation too
If you will but go with me, one summer season through
But if you should get homesick and back to Griffin go
Then I’ll furnish you no horses from the hills of Mexico

We left the town of Griffin in the merry month of May
When all the world was lovely and everything was gay
With saddles on our horses, marching over we did go
Until we reached the logging out in New Mexico

It was there our pleasures ended and our troubles they began
The first hail storm fell on us, those cattle how they ran
Through all the thorns and thistles, us cowboys had to go
While the Indians watched upon us, out in New Mexico

Well, when the drive was over, the riders would not pay
To all you happy people, this much I have to say
Go back to your friends and loved ones, tell others not to go
To the God forsaken country, they call New Mexico

℗ 1964 London Records

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1978 – ¡Arriba Nuevo México! – Roberto Griego

Songs about New Mexico: ¡Arriba Nuevo México!

written and performed by Roberto Griego (1978)


Soy un Nuevo Méxicano Y un verdadero Chicano Yo nací en un pueblo pequeño Muy humilde, pobre y sincero Y ahora les voy a cantar De mi pueblo natural El pueblo en que yo naci Lleva por nombre La Joya Donde vivian mis parientes, Mis amigos – los Griegos, Romeros y los Moyas Y ahora les quiero cantar de mi estado popular Arriba Nuevo México Arriba mi estado querido Arriba mi Albuquerque Y arriba con toda su gente Arriba Nuevo México Arriba nuestra capital Arriba con Santa Fe Y arriba mi estado popular Y arriba Nuevo México, ¡sí señor! En mi querido Albuquerque Están las montañas Sandías Y más allá hacia el norte Encuentran más maravillas Y en la ciudad de Las Vegas Me enamore de una querida  En el pueblo de Española Hay tantas mujeres preciosas En Belen, Socorro y Las Cruces, También están muy hermosas Y por eso les quiero cantar De mi estado popular Arriba Nuevo México Arriba mi estado querido Arriba mi Albuquerque Y arriba con toda su gente Arriba Nuevo México Arriba nuestra capital Arriba con Santa Fe Y arriba mi estado popular

above: Roberto Griego singing his anthem with Marty Carlucci and Tony Lujan on trumpet, Benito Encinas on keys, Hector Franco on bass, Taralynn Martinez on background vocals, and John Vigil on drums.

All rights remain with the artist as licensed to TuneCore (on behalf of RJG Records); BMI – Broadcast Music Inc.


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2019 – Land of Enchantment – Jesse Cann

Songs About New Mexico: Land of Enchantment

written and performed by Jesse Cann (2019)

Land of Enchantment is track 2 of the 2019 album release, “A New Song” by Jesse Cann. It’s a dreamy and beautiful Latin jazz-flavored reminiscence of New Mexico. The song is produced by Jordan Line Music Production. The music video features beautiful footage of New Mexico and is produced by New Moon Creative Media, LLC.


  • Jesse Cann: lead vocals, piano, and flugelhorn
  • Pete Medina: Latin percussion
  • Brian Mesko: guitar and bass
  • Choir: Sherry Green, Pam Carroll, Judy Miron, Mary Smith, Deborah Ginger, Lillian Cook, LaDonna Jones, Keith Jones, Tom Tankersley, Roger Graham, Bill Lewison, Terry Carroll


Jesse Cann grew up in Las Cruces (LCHS class of 1963) and graduated from UNM in Albuquerque in 1968 with a BFA in Music. He is a composer, singer, pianist, and trumpet player. Jesse was the recipient of the Artists Music Guild Heritage Award for Instrumentalist of the Year for 2017 and 2018. He also received the Rhythm of Gospel 2019 Award for Instrumental Artist of the Year. He writes, produces, and records gospel music in a variety of styles, and his choral writing has been published by Fred Bock Music Company and Neil A. Kjos Publishing Company. He has been married to his best friend Anne for 40 years.


My heart slips away beside the old Rio Grande
To the Land of Enchantment, my New Mexico
I slip far away, home to that Land of Enchantment
To the land that I loved so long ago

Where the desert rose lifts its face to the clear blue crystal sky
Coral mountain splendor brings the tears to my eyes
By moonlight, soft guitars played by strong weathered hands
Down in Old Mesilla, by the banks of the Rio Grande
My heart slips away, home to the Land of Enchantment
For the glory of God rests on that land!

My heart slips away beside the old Rio Grande
To the Land of Enchantment, my New Mexico
My heart slips away home to the Land of Enchantment
To the land that I loved so long ago

In the summer sun, village children run thru’ the desert sand
Far away on the mesa, summer storm-clouds are at hand
Autumn candle lights shine so bright by the mission, like days of old
Sailing clouds of silver, October moon-rise of harvest gold!
My heart slips away, home to the Land of Enchantment
For the glory of God rests on that land! Porque la Gloria de Dios se queda en esa tierra!

“Land of Enchantment” Words & Music by Jesse D. Cann Copyright 2019 Jordan Line Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.