1991 – Portales – Ray Wylie Hubbard

Songs About New Mexico: Portales

written and performed by Ray Wylie Hubbard (1991)

Portales is track number seven on Hubbard’s album Lost Train of Thought released 1991. Hubbard is a legendary Texas singer/songwriter, born in Oklahoma, whose tough but literate music ranges from personal introspection to rowdy barroom anthems. In his younger years, Hubbard spent the summers in Red River playing folk music in a trio known as Three Faces West.

This song was submitted to the Songs About New Mexico list by Ryan Kaczmarek from Chicago and currently stationed at Fort Bliss in Texas. Ryan shared, “For some reason that I cannot pinpoint, I am very fond of New Mexico. It really is the Land Of Enchantment. I have yet to find another state like yours and I have been to 35 so far.”


North of Portales above the Cap Rock Plain
Just looking out a window wishing for rain
I found her sleeping in a haystack
I left her dreaming and I’ve never been back

You’re still hand woven love song sadness
It’s all I’ll ever sing for you
Morning love sighs madness
It’s all I’ll ever bring to you

She was the woman she was 25
Nice to look at so glad to be alive
She was in love it no good I could not see
When she said her prayers she said one for me

You’re still hand woven love song sadness.

There was times in the winter when I would burn coal
I was tired afraid of growing old
Then she gived to me this old ring that was cast in sand
She says I know you’re leaving love me while you can

Just give hand woven love song sadness.

Writer: Ray Wylie Hubbard