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Art by Winona House For Sale

Art2Art Inspired Paintings For Sale

Artist Winona House created two beautiful paintings during a recent series of Art2Art performances at the October 2018 Gallup Arts crawl.

Music in the Air

price: $350

dimensions: 24″ x 18″

Envisioning a Harmony, Soon to Be

price: $300

dimensions: 16″ x 20″

These unframed pieces are on display at the ART123 Gallery in Gallup and are for sale. Each piece comes with a sound recording (stored on a thumb drive) of the Art2Art performance during which the work was created, in front of a live audience. The recording helps ‘paint a picture’ of the environment in which these pieces were created.

To purchase

Call ART123 Gallery (505) 488-2136


Email Rose Eason, Executive Director GallupARTS

ART123 will ship the art to you anywhere in the world.


Proceeds of the sale of these pieces will support gallupARTS and future Art2Art programming.

Artist Bio

Winona House is an award-winning fine arts painter and graphic designer. Born in Albuquerque, raised in Gallup, Ms. House currently lives and works in Farmington. She’s been a featured artist for several galleries from Santa Fe to Gallup and Farmington. Her art is representative of New Mexico’s vibrant colors as well as its diverse cultures. Thank you Winona for your generous contribution of these works of art.

Art2Art Video Feature

This video featuring Winona House (artist and theramin) and Delbert Anderson (jazz trumpet), will give you an idea of the setting in which Winona’s pieces were created, during the October 2018 Gallup Artscrawl.


Click here for more information about the Art2Art program.