Book an Art2Art event in your community

In efforts to support and promote New Mexico musicians, the New Mexico Music Commission has organized Art2Art. Art2Art creates unique performance opportunities for New Mexico-based musicians while simultaneously supporting and partnering with our valued New Mexico Arts communities statewide. By working together we create awareness, audiences, and long term artistic, musical, and visual enlightenment.


ART2ART benefits the:

  • Venue by providing a special event and promotional opportunity that will assist in increasing traffic and public awareness
  • Audience by providing an experiential and interactive artistic and educational opportunity
  • Musician by providing a performance and promotional opportunity
  • Visual Artist by providing a creative and promotional opportunity


A musical artist and a visual artist perform together on stage or available space demonstrating their forms of creative expression simultaneously. The visual artist paints/draws as inspired by the musician’s (original music) performance. After the performance, the two artists are interviewed by a moderator about their influences, style development and creative processes followed by a Q & A with the audience.


  • Welcome/Intro
  • Performance and Art
  • Interview and audience Q & A
  • Closing remarks


Art2Art works well in concert settings, community spaces, entertainment at meetings, conferences, or workshops, and with students in an assembly or classroom. The Commission is interested in bringing ART2ART to all parts of New Mexico and would like to feature local musicians and visual artists as well as our Platinum Music Awards honorees, when appropriate.


Per person ticket sales at the door, pricing flexible

Group rates available, pricing flexible

Venue provides

  • Event space
  • Marketing, Promotion, Social Media
  • Visual Artist Fee
  • Artist supplies (to be agreed upon by venue/artist)

Music Commission provides

  • Musician Fee
  • Marketing, Promotion, Social Media
  • Ticketing, Admission staff
  • Stage crew, set-up, strike
  • Collects & distributes revenue
  • Script template, including interview questions
  • Venue has the option to suggest local musician(s) and/or visual artist(s) or select a pre-packaged Art2Art program titled Melodic Elements featuring Delbert Anderson (trumpet) and Winona House (painter and theremin). See the Melodic Elements promotional video at the bottom of this page.

Additional considerations, to be determined per event

  • Moderator – Music Commissioner and/or venue host
  • Flyer
  • PA system (if needed)
  • Lighting (if needed)
  • Photographer
  • Hors d’ouevres or cash bar
  • Videographer


All proceeds benefit future Art2Art programming and the host venue. Proceeds include, but are not limited to: admission, donations, and sale of art donated by featured artist.

To Book an Art2Art Event

Email the New Mexico Music Commission to express your interest. We will respond with a general information sheet and begin discussing venue, musician, artist, date, time, proceeds, etc. If you’re interested in booking Melodic Elements, featuring Delbert Anderson and Winona House, please indicate so in your email to us. Thank you!

Art2Art examples

El Morro Theater in Gallup featuring music by Delbert Anderson and visual art by Winona House

Delbert provided improvisational music on trumpet and Winona created a painting, as inspired by Delbert’s music in two hour-long programs run back-to-back during the Gallup Artscrawl. A theremin was placed directly behind Winona’s canvas which reacted to her brush strokes, creating an atmospheric musical interaction between painter and trumpet. The theremin was preset to a minor Pentatonic scale so that Anderson could improvise harmonically with the tones produced by the theremin. Music Commission Acting Chair Melissa Sanchez emceed the event, led an interview with the artists, and facilitated Q&A with the audience following the performance. The event was sponsored by New Mexico Arts, GallupARTS, and the New Mexico Music Commission Foundation. Winona’s paintings are for sale at the ART123 Gallery in Gallup with proceeds benefiting art education programming at GallupArts and future Art2Art programming.


Warehouse21 in Santa Fe featuring music by Casey Anderson and visual art by Gary Myers

Casey provided improvisational music on keyboard and Gary created a painting, as inspired by Casey’s music. Music Commission Foundation President David Schwartz emceed the event, led an interview with the artists, and facilitated Q&A with the audience following the performance. The event was sponsored by Warehouse21, Artisan Santa Fe, and the New Mexico Music Commission Foundation. Gary’s painting was auctioned off with proceeds benefiting art education programming at Warehouse21. (Photos below courtesy of Ana Gallegos y Reinhardt of Warehouse21.)