The New Mexico Music Commission is Committed to Music Education.

violin student
A local violin student.

The New Mexico Music Commission is committed to music education. The commission, in conjunction with New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, supports numerous non-profit schools and performing arts organizations that receive funding from the State. In addition, the music commission produces programs, such as its Art2Art program, and hosts workshops, lectures, and master classes for music students of all ages.

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  • Advocacy
    The commission is dedicated to advocating for music education in the schools by providing visibility of music education programs at the state level as well as promoting music education through various projects, as outlined below.
  • Art2Art Program
    The commission produces, sponsors, and hosts hands-on workshops featuring national and local music educators. Many of these are outlined in the Projects section of the Web site.
  • Volunteer
    Music Commission Volunteer Opportunities Periodically, the New Mexico Music Commission offers non-paid internship and volunteer opportunities in the music industry through exposure to a state government agency. Internships may vary, depending on the project(s) at hand. In some instances, compensation
  • Schools
    Music Education in New Mexico Schools Music Education is a cornerstone of the New Mexico Music Commission’s purpose. A strong music education preserves the lineage of great musicians and patrons for generations to come. The music commission supports the state’s
  • Private Instruction
    The Importance and Benefits of Private Music Instruction Private lessons for a musical instrument or voice ensure the student will receive more hands on training than group or classroom instruction. Private instruction allows students to learn at a quicker pace.