State of New Mexico
Music Commission

Committee Secretary Responsibilities

The committee secretary’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist the committee chair in scheduling committee meeting dates and times ~ per COVID health restrictions all meetings shall take place by Zoom until further notice
  • Prepare agendas in liaison with the committee chair
  • Maintain a “rolling schedule” of business for forthcoming meetings ~ this system will enable draft agendas to be drawn up in advance and help identify items which may require pre planning and preparation
  • Consult with the committee chair before each meeting to ensure any difficulties in transacting business are anticipated and appropriate strategies for handling them are identified
  • Ensure the meeting agenda, meeting notes, and relevant documents are circulated to the members of the committee
  • Be familiar with the membership of the committee, when the periods of office of the members expire, and the procedure for replacing members
  • Take the minutes of each meeting
  • With the assistance of the committee chair, edit the minutes and provide a draft copy to all committee members prior to  each subsequent meeting
  • Review deliverables and verify assignments, due dates, etc. at the end of each meeting ~ include in meeting notes
  • Email all final/approved agenda, minutes, and other documentation in PDF format to Administrator Goodrich in a timely manner ~ include key working documents that are clearly labeled as draft documents