Zoom Test

New Mexico Music Commission
Regular Meeting Zoom Test
9 November 2020



  • Webinar status
  • Upgrade commissioners and guest speakers to panelist status, verify names are correct on screen.
  • Verify attendees won’t have sound and video rights
  • There is no waiting room
  • Verify people can’t enter room before host
  • Presets for screen view: all panelists, commissioners only, speaker only
  • Screen share
  • Mute/unmute
  • Managing discussion re: mute/unmute sound
  • Simulcast to Facebook

Let’s agree now the meeting will start no later than 1:05pm.


  • What time will we open the room prior to the start of the meeting? 30 minutes
  • How will a panelist indicate they want to comment and/or ask a question of the person speaking?
  • Attorney Gen’s office advises all voting is to be done by roll call vote. This means the Secretary will call each commissioners’ name, to which each commissioner will identify themselves and respond yea, nay, abstain. What is the simplest way to manage muting/unmuting sound during voting?
  • In other private sector Zoom meetings I’ve managed and/or participated in, I’ve noticed the quality of the signal improves when everyone leaves their video muted except when they’re talking. This is of course to get the best sound quality possible for music performances and lessons. It may not be necessary for a talk meeting. That said, should we suggest this to everyone at the start of the meeting?
  • Those of us involved in running the meeting, how shall we best communicate with each other before/during the meeting outside of the actual Zoom meeting?
  • Other questions?

Action Items

  • Thomas: Send email w Zoom link & invite speakers to log in early to check connection, video/audio quality, verify panelist status, screen share, etc.
  • Mute sound for all upon entering room.
  • Open the room before start of meeting.
  • Michelle: Run the NMMC intro powerpoint (auto-timed, auto-repeat) when room opens and until mtg starts.
  • Upgrade commissioners and invited speakers to panelist status, if mtg is regular Zoom.
  • Unmute/mute sound for current speaker during meeting.
  • Manage people arriving late once the meeting starts.
  • Inform Carlos all commissioners are logged in.
  • Carlos: In the event the commission has not reached quorum (7 commissioners in attendance) by 1:05pm, rearrange the agenda to move ACTION items later in the meeting.
  • Notify Carlos as each commissioner arrives after start of meeting.
  • Inform Carlos all guest speakers have logged in prior to start of meeting.
  • Carlos: In the event a guest speaker has not arrived, rearrange the agenda to move the item pertaining to that speaker later in the meeting, or strike the agenda item if the speaker never shows.
  • Notify Carlos as each guest speaker arrives after start of meeting.