Dale, Kenny

Kenneth Dale Eoff ~ Artesia

kenney dale

Professionally known as Kenny Dale (b. October 3, 1951) is a country music artist who was born and raised in Artesia, New Mexico. Active in the 1970s, he recorded two albums for Capitol Records and charted several country hits. His biggest hit was a cover version of Gene Pitney’s “Only Love Can Break a Heart”, which peaked at No. 7. Dale retired from the country music business in the early 1980s and took up residence in Nashville, Tennessee. He now works as a school bus driver in Texas.




All albums released on Capitol Records.

Year Album US Country
1977 Bluest heartache of the year 29
1978 Red Hot Memory 45
1979 Only Love Can Break a Heart
1981 When It’s Just You and Me


Year Single Chart Positions Album
US Country CAN Country
1977 “Bluest Heartache of the Year” 11 23 Bluest Heartache
“Shame Shame on Me (I Had Planned to Be Your Man)” 11 16
1978 “Red Hot Memory” 17 Red Hot Memory
“The Loser” 28
“Two Hearts Tangled in Love” 18 31
1979 “Down to Earth Woman” 16 60 Only Love Can Break a Heart
“Only Love Can Break a Heart” 7 20
“Sharing” 15 38
1980 “Let Me In” 23 50
“Thank You, Ever-Lovin'” 33 56 When It’s Just You and Me
1981 “When It’s Just You and Me” 31
1982 “Moanin’ the Blues” 65 Singles only
1984 “Two Will Be One” 85
“Take It Slow” 86
1985 “Look What Love Did to Me” 83
1986 “I’m Going Crazy” 63


above: Kenny Dale singing, “Only Love Can Break a Heart” which reached No. 7 on the US Country Music Charts in 1979.

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