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Alfredo “Freddie” Brown ~ Winston

freddie brown

Brown (b. December 4, 1940 – d. April 30, 2002) was an American singer-songwriter, he is known for his contributions to New Mexico music, and his ability to seamlessly switch between country music and Spanish music. Freddie was born in Winston, New Mexico, to Alfred C. Brown and Mary Brown. His sons, Bo Brown and AB, continue to perform music; Bo Brown is a New Mexico musician, and AB is an R&B musician. An extremely popular and beloved New Mexico Artist, “Freddie” packed so much emotion into his lyrics that one of his fans said he “sang about the heartaches of humanity.” Freddie lived most of his adult life in Albuquerque and was considered one of the state’s most influential music artists. He died in 2002 at the age of 61. George Welsh Jr., program director and disc jockey at Radio Sol in Albuquerque was quoted as saying “Brown’s death was a huge loss, not only to the music community but also to everybody who knew Freddie Brown.” Freddie leaves us with numerous recordings of his beautiful voice and his musical talents. Music came from his heart no matter the genre. He was able to sing like a Nashville Star or create a beautiful rendition of any Spanish song.



  • El Versatil
  • El Sensacional
  • Borracho Perdido
  • From: All Of Me


  • The Immortal Freddie Brown
  • His Life Story
  • His Heart & Soul
  • Recuerdos De Freddie Brown Vol. 1
  • Recuerdos De Freddie Brown Vol. 1

above: Freddie Brown singing “El Aguila Negra.”

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