Gonzalo ~ Las Vegas

gonzaloGonzalo was born and raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico. He has earned his place in New Mexico Music due to astonishing hits from his first CD, “Adolorido,” released in 2001. His second CD, “Mil Copas,” was released in 2002 and surpassed the sales of his first CD. In 2003, he released a Cumbia single that brought to the New Mexico Music scene his most popular song, “Sin Sal Ni Limon.” Gonzalo released a Greatest Hits CD in April of 2010.

Gonzalo has received 6 Los 15 Grandes De Nuevo Mexico Awards and 24 New Mexico Hispano Music Awards.

He owns and operates the music production company, The New Mexico Music Factory, located in Taos.

above: Here is Gonzalo performing his Cumbia hit, “Sin Sal Ni Limon.”

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