Alaskia in Winter

Alaska in Winter ~ Albuquerque

alaska in winter

Genre: Electronica, Dance/Electronic

Alaska in Winter is an Albuquerque based electronica band led by Brandon Bethancourt. Brandon lives in Albuquerque.


  • Alaska in Winter was featured on Grey’s Anatomy television series (season 4, episode 15)
  • Alaska in Winter was song of the day on LA’s KCRW (remix of Submarines iphone commercial song “You Me and the Bourgeoisie” )
  • Alaska in Winter was featured in MTV’s Making of the Band 4 (spring 09)
  • Alaska in Winter’s 2nd album “Holiday” won the 2009 Independent Music Awards for best Electronic/ Dance album
  • Alaska in Winter is also the 9th Independent Music Awards Vox Pop vote winner
  • “We Are Blind” remix was used in professional skateboarder Daewon Song’s video “New Years Dae” aired 1/1/11 on
  • “Your Red Dress” was used in Daewon Song’s X-Games video part summer 2011.
  • Remixed “Blood Theme” from television show Dexter which is featured on the Dexter Season 6 soundtrack.


“These are the kinds of songs that are impossible to sing without your eyes prayerfully closed… The production is elaborate in a streamlined way, the melodies infectious…” -Pitchfork

“Even at its most serious, the album’s unfaltering replication of a never-ending European dance party fills you up and never lets you down” – Spin

“Sublime Beauty” -Q Mag

“9/10” Vice (DE)

“The complex rhythms and guest chiming by Beirut will be sure to have ears craving for more” – URB

“It’s difficult to overemphasize the pervasive chill that hovers, paradoxically, around the album’s warm melodies: Even its most luridly romantic moments sound remote and contemplative.” – Pitchfork

“[…AIW] manages to expertly traverse the ever-narrowing gap between folk, classical and electronica. If Bjork, Royksopp and a bit of Bach are your thing, Alaska in Winter will be right down your ice chute. -Esquire Magazine UK

Here’s Alaska in Winter performing, “Night Falcon Returns.”

for more information:!/alaskainwinter1/