Songs About New Mexico Archive

Here you’ll find an ever-growing archive of songs about New Mexico’s communities, cultures, famous and not-so-famous people, events, history, holidays, traditions, etc. The archive includes all music genres, languages, and time periods; “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of songwriting plus everything in between. If something that involves New Mexico is mentioned in the lyrics or the song title, it’s included in the archive.

Help Us Grow the SANM Archive

As you can see below, the archive is still quite small. We’d love your help – please email us song suggestions. Include in your email:

  • song title
  • performer/band name
  • link to a video performance

Please also tell us which city you live in (and state, if you’re not from New Mexico) and we’ll acknowledge you in the song’s profile as a small thank you for sending the info to us. Much obliged!


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