The New Mexico Music Commission Hall of Fame

Here is our unofficial tip of the hat to our state’s chart topping award winning artists, extraordinary music educators, music organizations and businesses, as well as legendary figures in New Mexico’s vibrant and diverse folk music scene, most notably Native American and traditional Spanish and New Mexican Music.

The Pueblo people of this region are descendants of an ancient indigenous culture emanating from Chaco Canyon, the origins of which date back to 828 AD. The Spanish arrived to the area as early as 1528. The first Spanish colony of San Juan de Los Caballeros was established in 1598. With this rich history comes an astounding lineage of indigenous folk music traditions unique to New Mexico. Many of our state’s traditional artists are considered national treasures and their music is archived in national audio and oral folk collections, such as The Smithsonian Institution.

New Mexico boasts artists of every musical style and genre, influential music educators, and world class music organizations.


The purpose of compiling our unofficial Hall of Fame is to promote New Mexico’s contribution to the state, national, and international music industry. Our list is frequently referenced by organizations in the film and tourism industries and by the general public from around the world who are interested in learning about New Mexico’s music industry.

We call our list an unofficial Hall of Fame list because it’s not an official award and no formal nomination, vetting, or selection process is in place (nor do we have the staff to take on such an elaborate endeavor). The original list was compiled by our music commissioners and the staff of New Mexico Arts, the state’s arts agency. We periodically receive suggestions from the public for additions to the list. Suggestions are informally run by the music commissioners and New Mexico Arts staff to obtain a general consensus as to whether or not to include the suggested Hall of Famer to the list.


In addition to the general criteria outlined above, those acknowledged in our unofficial Hall of Fame may be living or dead and must have been born here in New Mexico or have established residence in the state at some point during their lives.

Suggest a Hall of Famer

If you’d like to suggest an individual or organization for inclusion in our unofficial Hall of Fame, please contact us. In your email, tell us why you feel the person/organization you’re suggesting deserves inclusion in our unofficial Hall of Fame. Provide as much supporting detail as you are able, such as: bio, previous awards received, links to video and sound files, website, and social media. Those included in our unofficial Hall of Fame will be listed in the Music Commission’s archives and featured on our Facebook page.

Recipients of the Governor’s Arts Awards, the Music Commission’s Platinum Music Award, and our Student Musician Spotlight series are included in our Hall of Fame and are listed under their respective awards.

Visit the links below to view our unofficial Hall of Famers.

  • Artists
    New Mexico Music Commission Hall of Fame ~ New Mexico Artists This category consists of singers, songwriters, bands, musicians, arrangers, conductors, sound engineers, etc. involved in the performance side of the state’s Music Industry. Currently there are approximately one hundred
  • Organizations
    New Mexico Music Commission Hall of Fame ~ Organizations This category consists of businesses, organizations, and programs that have made a major contribution to the state’s Music Industry. Please check back often as we continue to build this section of
  • Educators
    Music Educators This category consists of music educators who have made a significant contribution to the state’s Music Industry. Please check back often as we continue to build this section of our new and improved Web site.