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posted Apr 16, 2007

The Historic Kimo Theatre
May 18, 2007
Key To Sound Presents
6pm Vertigo Venus-Albuquerque, NM- Electro
6:45 Raine Vivian-ABQ, NM,-Electro
7:30 Music Video-Tuscon, AZ- Electro
8:15 OHN-Austin, TX-Electro
9:00 Peekaboo Theory-Houston, TX-Electro
10pm Peachcake-Cave Creek, AZ-Electro
11pm Efren”Perdo” Ramirez,-LA,CA , DJ
12am Diverje-ABQ,NM -Electro

The El Rey Theatre
May 19, 2007
SennheiserNM Presents
6pm Memphis Ptails-Albuquerque, NM-Blues
7pm Glacier Hiking-Los Angeles, CA-Alternative
8pm Colourmusic-Stillwater, OK-Indie Rock
9pm The Attorneys-Brooklyn, NY- Power Pop
10pm Scissors For Lefty-San Francisco, CA-Indie Rock
11pm Army of Me-Washington, DC- Alternative
12am Soular-Albuquerque, NM- Indie Rock,( Video Premiere Release)
1am Your Black Star-Louisville, KY- Alternative

District Bar And Grill Inside Stage
May 18, 2007
Texas Rockfest presents
5pm Joseph King
6pm Weather The Storm-Denver, CO,
7pm Kingfish-Dallas, TX, Rock
8pm The Wartime Social-Austin, TX- Rock
9 pm Evolocity, Phoenix, AZ, Rock
10 pm Romeo Goes To Hell-Albuquerque, NM- Punk
11pm Broken Teeth-Austin, TX-Rock
12 am Left Brain-Abq, NM, Rock
1am Black Lamb-Denver,CO, Rock

District Outdoor Stage
May 18, 2007
6pm Definition Rare-Santa Fe, NM, Hip/Hop
7pm Ultracronic- Denver, CO- Funk Rock
8pm Upstanding Youth-North Shore, Hawaii- Ska
9pm The Jamburglers-Las Cruces, NM- Jam Band
10pm La Junta-Santa Fe, NM- Latin Rock
11pm One Year Yesterday-Los Angeles, CA- Soul Pop
12am Crazy Fool-Albuquerque, NM- Reggae
1am Liquid Cheese-Las Cruces, NM-Reggae

District Bar And Grill Indoor Stage Presents
May 19, 2007
6pm Pontius Violet-Abq, NM, Rock
7pm The Old Main-Abq, NM, Rock
8pm Tony Scalzo-Austin, TX, Indie Rock
9pmExit The Ordinary-Detroit, MI, Alternative
10pm Crushed-Phoenix, AZ, Rock
11pm Green River Ordinance-Fort Worth, TX-Alter
12am Of God And Science-Abq, NM, Indie Rock
1am Fight The Quiet-Flagstaff, AZ, Punk-Pop

District Bar Outdoor Stage
May 19, 2007 Presents
5pm Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes- Santa Fe, NM-Rock
6pm- Ten Sugar Charlie-Witchita, KS, Rock
7pmThe Old Main-New Mexico- Alternative
8pm Martha Berner-Chicago, IL- Indie Rock
9pm Pike-Cincinnati, OH- Pop Punk
10pm Casey Desmond-Boston, MA- Rock
11pmThe Day After-Las Vegas, NV- Alternative
12am Girl In A Coma-San Antonio, TX-Alternative
1amThe Hollis Wake-Albuquerque, NM- Rock

Burt’s Tiki Lounge
May 18, 2007
Sticker And More Presents
7pm Smokin’ Toads- Texas- Rock
8pm Gwhiz -Brooklyn, NY- Alternative
9pm The Foxx- Albuquerque, NM- Rock
10pm The Platforms- Austin, TX- Garage Rock
11pm Seis Pistos- Chihuahua,Mexico- Punk
12am The Outline- Los Angeles, CA- Experimental
1am The Dirty Novels- Albuquerque, NM- Power Pop

May 19
7pm Brown Shoe
8pm The Audiolouges- Columbus, OH- Alternative
9pm Cat-a-tac- Denver, CO- Rock
10pm Everything Absent or Distorted- Denver, CO- New Wave
11pm Cherry Tempo- Santa Fe, NM-Alternative
12am Go Motion- Omaha NE- New Wave
1am The Giranimals- Albuquerque, NM-Indie Rock

May 18, 2007
Hapi Skratch Presents
7pm Zebra Junction- Denver, CO-Americana
8pm The Hideaways- La Mesa, CA-Alternative
9pm The Earps-Apache Junction,AZ- Southern Rock
10pm Savage Henry- Denver, CO-Alternative
11pm Tickle Me Pink-Ft. Collin, CO-Disco House
12am Abandonato-Colorado Springs, CO-Rock
1am Invisible Orange-Denver, CO-Rock

May 19, 2007
Slug Magazine Presents
7pm Purrbats- Salt Lake City, UT- New Wave
8pm Thunder Fist- Salt Lake City, UT-Rock
9pm Black Hole-Salt Lake City, Utah-
10pm SubRosa-Salt Lake City, Utah- Alternative
11pm The Wolfs- Salt Lake City, Utah- Experimental
12am Freebleeder- Austin, TX- Rock
1am The Ground Beneath- Albuquerque, NM- Alternative

Carom Club
May 18, 2007
Santa Fe Reporter Presents
5pm Audio Buddha- Santa Fe, NM- Electro
6pm Sean Healen Band-Santa Fe, NM
7pm Joel Fadness- Santa Fe, NM
8pm MJ Baby and the Last Word- Austin, TX- Americana
9pm Alex Maryol- Santa Fe, NM- Rock
10pm John Boys Courage-St Louis, MO, R
11pm Drew Daburry-Las Vegas, NV-Indie
12am Nees And Vos –New York, NY-Rock/soul
1am DJ leko

May 19, 2007
6pm Jodelle- New Jersey- Indie Rock
7pm Dan Craig-Denver, CO- Indie Rock
8pm Questions In Dialect-Jackson, Mississippi- Progressive
9pm Jay Nash- Los Angeles, CA- Alternative
10pm DivaSonic-Oakland, CA- Electroacoustic
11pm Matt Jones- Albuquerque, NM-Acoustic
12am Adam Lopez-Tulsa, OK- Soul
1am Brian Botkiller-Albuquerque, NM- Electro

SennheiserNM/Key To Sound Presents
May 17, 2007
VIP Party
7pm Le Chat Lunatique-Albuquerque, NM-Western Swing
7:45 The Band Jazz/Funk
8pm ColourMusic- Stillwater, OK- Indie Rock
9pmThe Attorneys- Brooklyn, NY- Power Pop
11pmThe Trampolines-Denver, CO- Rock
12am Someday-Abq, NM, Alternative Rock
DJ Mark
DJ Devin
Efren”Pedro”Ramirez- Los Angeles, CA- DJ

Friday Sauce
May 18, 2007
6pm Jay Wells- Los Angeles, CA- Hip-Hop
6:45 DJ Sid -The Apocolypze-Miami, FL-House
7:30 Horton the Irrelevant & August The Creep- Madison, WI- Hip Hop
8:15 Mantis Fist- Albuquerque, NM- Hip Hop
9:pm Flobots- Denver, CO- Hip Hop
10pm Black Pegasus-Denver, CO-Hip Hop

Saturday Sauce
May 19, 2007
Powermoves Entertainment Presents
6pm Jay Mar- Albuquerque, NM-R&B
6:45 Rena-Albuquerque, NM- R&B
7:30 V2-Albuquerque, NM- Hip Hop
8:15 3M Crew- Roswell, NM- Hip Hop
9pm Desert Heat-Albuquerque, NM- Hip Hop
9:45 500 Boyz- Albuquerque, NM- Rap

Saturday May 19
DJ showcase

Puccini’s Golden West Saloon
May 18, 2007
Amphouse Concerts Presents
6pm- Trilobite-Abq, NM, Folk/Indie
7pm Jenny Marlowe-Albuquerque, NM-Indie Rock
8pm Jasper Brown-Hobbs, NM- Gothic Americana
9pm Rachel Sage-New York, NY- Folk Rock
10pm Graham Isaacson-Portland, ME-Folk
11pm Round Mountain –Sante Fe, NM, Folk
12am Funky Nashville –Denmark, America
1am Sin Serenade- Albuquerque NM- Garage Americana

May 19, 2007
Dream Scapers/Red Gorilla Presents
6pm Jason Vigil-Denver, CO, Indie Rock
7pm Peter Adams- Cincinnati, OH, Indie Rock
8pm Leiahdorus- Albuquerque, NM-Electronica
9pm Ari Shine-Los Angeles, CA, Pop,Rock
10pm No More Kings-Los Angeles, CA-Funk Rock
11pm Oh No Not Stereo-Hollywood, CA-Rock
12am The Hero Factor-Tulsa, OK- Indie Rock
1am TBA

Atomic Cantina
May 19 2007
Jakprints Presents
6pm Anti-Hero- Ontario, Canada-Alternative
7pm Aster- Austin, TX- Indie Rock
8pm The Oktober People-Albuquerque, NM-Indie
9pm Army Of Robots-Phoenix, AZ- Alternative
10pm Steady Ground –Tustin, CA, Rock
11pm Fata Morgana-Arizona- Alternative
12am Unit 7 Drain- Albuquerque, NM- New Wave
1am 8om-Loveland, CO- Rock

May 18, 2007
Poboy Drums Presents
6pm 10 Feet Tall-Denver, CO, Rock
7 Story Ruin- Arizona- Rock
8pm Fred Green-Tempe, AZ, Rock
9pm Old Man Shattered-Abq, NM, Rock
10pm Sho-Nuff-Oklahoma City, OK, Rock/Hip Hop
11pm Giant Squid- San Francisco, CA- Progressive
12am The Thieves-UK, Rock
1am P-nuckle- Denver, CO- Ska

The Library Bar And Grill
Friday May 18
5pm Truth And The Human Music-
5:45pm- Luma-Edmund, OK- Alternative
6:30 Luminate-Tyler, TX-Indie Rock
7:15-Rabbit is a Sphere-Denver, CO- Alternative
8:00pm Lousy Robot-Albuquerque, NM-Indie Rock
8:45pm-Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

Saturday May 19th
6pm-Feeding 5000-
6:45pm-Walter Alias-Experimental Rock
7:30pm- Subatomic Pieces-Norman, OK-Indie Rock
8:15pm-Coldsnap- Albuquerque, NM- Alternative
9pm Distance To Empty- Kansas City, MO- Indie Rock

Central Connection Café
Friday May 18
5:15 Becca Garcia-Austin, TX- Acoustic
6pm K.C Clifford-Oklahoma City, OK-Folk
6:45 Lemon Sun-Los Angeles, CA-Rock
7:30 Angie Stevens- Denver, CO-Americana
8:15 The Attorneys- Brooklyn, NY- Power Pop
9:30 – Jason Vigil –Denver, CO, Acoustic
10:15 Jay Nash-Los Angeles, CA- Folk Rock

Saturday May 19
5:15pm Shelly Barratt-Albuquerque, NM-Acoustic
6pm Ari Shine-Los Angeles, CA-Acoustic
6:45 Leslie Kastrop-Palestine, TX- Acoustic
7:30 Josh Prestin- Nashville, TN-Acoustic
8:15 Ryan from Toad Road- Albuquerque, NM- Acoustic
9:30 Julie Gribble- Atlanta, GA- Acoustic
10:15 Kimo- Albuquerque, NM-Acostic

Outdoor 4th Street Mall Stage
Cutie Pie Stage
Friday May 18
5pmYellow Delicious- Cleveland, OH- Powerpop
6pm Japaesian Barbie- Tucson, AZ- Experimental
7pm Bark Bark Bark-Tucson, AZ- Crunk
8pm Stereophile Australia, Rock
9pm – Sammus Theory-Phoenix, AZ- Rock
10pm- Your Name In Lights-Albuquerque, NM- Indie Rock
11pm Mezklah –Los Angeles, CA- Electro

Verizon Outdoor Stage on 4th
Saturday May 19
12pm- Saving Sheldon-Albuquerque, NM-Acoustic
1pm- Future Pilot- Albuquerque,NM-Alternative
2pm Meat The Vegans-Washington-Experimental
3pm Drew Grow-Portland, OR- Garage Pop
4pm-August Spies-Albuquerque, NM- Indie Rock
5pm Ryan Mcgarvey-New Mexico- Blues
6pm Redline Defiance- Littleton, CO- Alternative
7pm Lemon Sun- Los Angeles, CA, Rock
8pm The Autobiography-Denver, CO- Powerpop
9pm Hit By A Bus- Albuquerque, NM-Rock
10pm The Maine- Phoenix, AZ- Indie Rock
11pm The Stiletto Formal-Phoenix, AZ-Experimental

Contact: Allison Shaw
(505) 856-7602