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Puccini Productions

City: Albuquerque

PUCCINI PRODUCTIONS is a new 501 (c) (3) corporation, but is not a new entity. Puccini Productions has been promoting concerts in Albuquerque and periodically in Santa Fe since 2002, and in fact, we have previously attended NMPA meetings as owners of the Historic El Rey Theater and Puccini's Golden West Saloon!

PUCCINI PRODUCTIONS is actually named after the artistic director's family. The theater and the smaller, adjoining Puccini's Golden West Saloon were built by the artistic director's grandfather, Luigi Puccini, the cousin of Giacomo Puccini, and also part of the Bachechi family who conceived, designed, built and owned the KIMO Theater. The El Rey Theater and the Saloon comprise a building known on the historic registry as the "Puccini Building", and hence the name, "Puccini Productions."

PUCCINI PRODUCTIONS has worked as part of the El Rey Theater, and now is it's own separate, very brand new entity. Although Puccini will primarily present concerts and other live performances at the Historic El Rey Theater, it will also present in various venues as appropriate for the artist, including other venues in Albuquerque and venues in Santa Fe.

PUCCINI PRODUCTIONS primarily presents national-level, live music in a wide range of genres and styles, providing cultural and music appreciation experiences for both adults and children. The music presented by Puccini is broadly inclusionary and is not limited to any particular type of music, nor is any particular type of music excluded. Puccini will present classical, new music, world, experimental, jazz, blues, rock, indie rock, folk, zydeco, R & B, country, Latin, opera, Americana, reggae, Native American, to name a few. We are also interested in continuing to present spoken word as well as theater and film.

As an arts organization, Puccini seeks opportunities to broaden the arts participation for the entire community by developing collaborative events with artists and the community.

In Albuquerque, PUCCINI PRODUCTIONS has promoted concerts of all sizes, from 50-700 people. Between the small local Golden West Saloon shows, the smaller national shows and the larger theater shows, we have been promoting (until the time of the fire this past February) about 100-150 concerts a year. We have also successfully promoted several concerts in Santa Fe including world-renowned concert cellist, MATT HAIMOVITZ, blues slide-guitarist SONNY LANDRETH, Grammy award-winning jazz icon DAVID SANBORN AND PHIL GUY (brother of Buddy Guy - well-known blues guitarist).

Puccini Productions
P.O. Box 3025
Albuquerque, NM 87190

Contact: Kathy Zimmer

Phone: 505-242-2353

Email: elreytheater@qwestoffice.net
Web Site: www.elreytheater.com