The New Mexico Music Directory

Eligibility Requirements
Inclusion in the New Mexico Music Directory is open to all professional musical performers whose primary residence is in New Mexico and to all businesses in the state that serve musicians and the music industry.

Both individual musicians and musical groups can be included in the directory. Businesses are included in the following categories:

  • Artist Management and Promotion
  • Association
  • Audio Mastering or Duplication Services
  • Booking Agency
  • Concert or Event Promoter
  • Concert or Event Venue
  • Entertainment Media
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Legal Services
  • Medical or Health Services
  • Music Publisher
  • Musical Instrument Dealer
  • Musical Instrument Instruction
  • Musical Instrument Maker
  • Musical Instrument Rental
  • Musical Instrument Repair
  • Photographer
  • Record Label
  • Recording Studio
  • Voice Instruction

Submission Approval
All submissions are monitored and approved for posting by the staff of the New Mexico Music Commission.

If you have questions about your eligibility for inclusion in the Directory, please contact the New Mexico Music Commission.