New Mexico Music Commission Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

The 2016-2018 Strategic Plan was unanimously adopted by the New Mexico Music Commission at their January 11, 2016 public meeting in Santa Fe. The purpose of the plan is to advance, in a carefully considered and coordinated manner, the opportunities for music to further benefit the state’s citizens, the economy and education goals, as well as enabling New Mexico musicians working in all genres to have a healthy and thriving environment in which to create and be recognized for their efforts. This will be accomplished through a pattern of promotion, events, identifying and supplementing existing programs and through working with others in the state’s agencies and the private sector.

The Strategic Planning Committee met numerous times during 2015 to identify and categorize needs and opportunities to address them. The invited public comment, as well as feedback from an online public survey, has provided valuable insights and direction. Music Commissioners who participated in the plan’s development were NMMC Chairman David Schwartz, Strategic Planning Committee Chair Joe Brown, Commissioners Dan Stoddard, Rick Huff, and Renato Estacio, and Music Commission Administrator Thomas Goodrich.

The methodology of implementation will involve forming subcommittees chaired by sitting Commissioners. Commissioners will bring on additional expertise from the public and private sector to serve and advise in each of the steps and goals being pursued. An emphasis will be placed on tracking progress and success. A regular pattern of reporting by strategic plan subcommittees to the Commission will help to insure continued forward momentum.

Specific achievable goals included in the Strategic Plan are as follows:

  • Music Awareness & Advocacy (media partnerships, outreach, legislative support)
  • Music Industry Clearinghouse (statewide listing of events, venues, businesses)
  • Events & Activities (ART2ART, Cultural Collaborative, NMMC Signature Event)
  • Music Education (needs, coordination of sources, funding)
  • Collaboration & Partnerships (new projects, support of existing ones)
  • Development (project funding, scholarships)

Mission Statement

The New Mexico Music Commission is a state commission established and appointed by the Governor of New Mexico to preserve and advance New Mexico’s rich music heritage by providing a public directory of New Mexico musicians and its music industry; identifying and circulating information on amateur and professional music opportunities and music education for all levels of musicians; collaborating with the Film Commission and other organizations to tap into growing industries needing creative musicianship; advancing the reputation and attractiveness of New Mexico with the Tourism Department and other organizations as a visitor destination offering excellent music experiences; and in general working with the state to protect, promote, and preserve New Mexico’s musical traditions and the music industry.

Vision Statement

The New Mexico Music Commission will execute the ideas and strategies of the Strategic Plan which will gather together and effectively organize the most influential voices for music in the state so that the NMMC will be the most complete, authoritative and credible source of information, advocacy, and programs to advance New Mexico music and musicians both within and beyond the State of New Mexico.

Strategic Planning Committee

On March 10, 2015, at the New Mexico Music Commission bi-monthly public meeting held at the Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, David Schwartz, Music Commission Chair, appointed a five-member Strategic Planning Committee: Joe Brown, Renato Estacio, Rick Huff, Dan Stoddard, and David Schwartz. Joe Brown was appointed as committee chair. Thomas Goodrich, from NM Arts, is the state representative. The remaining Music Commissioners were invited to participate on a rotating basis, so that all members of the commission were given opportunity to provide input and feedback.

Meeting Notes

Here are meeting notes of the strategic planning committee:

2015:  May 6May 13  |  May 19  |  July 1

In addition to the above formal meetings, the strategic planning committee met informally approximately a dozen times, from August to December of 2015, to develop and revise the Goals and Objectives, based upon input received from the public and other music commissioners not serving on the strategic planning committee.

Public Input

Commissioners invited the public to discuss the Goals and Objectives of the strategic plan on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at the Meem Auditorium on Museum Hill in Santa Fe. Here are notes from that meeting.

Online Survey

In addition, the Commission sought public input through an online survey which was live from August 11, 2015 to January 10, 2016 . Click here to view the survey. Thank you to those who gave feedback!

Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

Here are the goals, objectives, and strategies for our 2016-2018 strategic plan:

1. Music Awareness and Advocacy
Increase public awareness of the Music Commission and emphasize the quality, expertise, and professionalism, spanning all musical genres, of the state’s music industry.

A. Promote the state’s music industry and New Mexico Music Commission initiatives
i) Strengthen media partnerships
ii) Develop original content
iii) Enhance outreach

B. Advocate for the state’s music industry and the New Mexico Music Commission
i) Foster legislative awareness
ii) Cultivate interdepartmental awareness
iii) Increase public awareness

2. Music Industry Clearinghouse
Provide a centralized listing of music events, venues, artists, and music-related businesses for the state’s rich and diverse music industry.

A. Provide a statewide listing of music activities and events
i) Create an online music calendar and publish on the Music Commission Web site

B. Provide a statewide listing of music venues
i) Create a sub-directory of music performance venues in current New Mexico Music Directory

C. Provide a statewide directory of artists and music-related businesses
i) Upgrade current existing statewide Music Directory

3. Events and Activities
Expand Music Commission’s existing events and develop a new high profile signature event to recognize and serve the state’s music industry.

A. Promote the ART2ART program
i) Expand ART2ART program from Santa Fe only venues to various venues throughout the state

B. Solidify Platinum Music Award in the state’s vernacular
i) Elevate awareness of and interest in the Platinum Music Award throughout the state

C. Promote the Cultural Collaborative / Historic Sites Concerts
i) Expand the state Historic Sites Concerts

D. Establish in the next two years a high profile Music Commission signature event in a large population center that does not conflict with any existing events or programs around the state, as a means of raising awareness of the state’s Music Industry and the Music Commission. The Platinum Music Awards ceremony and show were adopted in 2017 as the commission’s annual signature event and primary fundraiser.
i) Collaborate with community partners
ii) Promote New Mexico musicians, venues, and event sponsors
iii) Organize event to serve as a fundraiser for the commission

4. Music Education
Support the expansion of music education that does not conflict with any existing events or programs around the state.

A. Investigate current music education programs throughout the state to identify needs not being currently being met
i) Pre-K, K-12, and Secondary Music Education programs as well as professional development

B. Coordinate a centralized clearinghouse of music education programs statewide
i) Explore possible connections between sources and needs in educational programming

C. Create a plan to assist in filling identified gaps in music education programs aimed at continuing education and career development for adults throughout the state
i) Explore the needs and resources currently available in the state for professional development and continuing education for amateurs programs

5. Collaboration and Partnership
Develop and coordinate collaboration and partnership with complimentary organizations throughout the state to increase and enhance Music Commission’s activities and visibility that promote the state’s Music Industry.

A. Establish new collaborations and partnerships
i) Collaborate with the state’s Film Industry and various private/community partners and state agencies on new projects

B. Endorse and support ongoing activities, collaborations and projects as they evolve
i) Collaborate with the Film Industry and various private/community partners and state agencies on existing projects

6. Development
Create a comprehensive and sustaining funding campaign to assist in the implementation of Music Commission events and projects.

A. Procure funding from the Music Commission Foundation and other sources for Music Commission projects and events, as identified in the Strategic Plan
i) Seek donors and benefactors
ii) Write grant proposals
iii) Seek sponsors and underwriters

B. Procure funding from the Music Commission Foundation and other sources for Scholarships and Music Commission General Operating Funds
i) Produce fundraisers for music scholarships and the Music Commission’s General Operating Funds
ii) Obtain General Operating funds

Here’s a printable version (.pdf file) of the Goals and Objectives, with underlying steps and performance goals.

Strategic Plans

Here are copies of the Music Commission’s Strategic Plans:

Strategic Planning Forms

Listed below are forms used by the Strategic Planning committees: